Josef Adamu



Josef Adamu

Creative Director + Producer

Photo by Naskademini. 

My name is Josef Adamu and I am a Creative Director, Consultant, and Entrepreneur based in Toronto, Canada. In 2017, I founded a brand agency named Sunday School that caters to the development of creative campaigns and social media management for various brands. I am currently the Creative Director of the establishment. As a director, I also work very closely with notable musicians such as Mick Jenkins and Jazz Cartier to sharpen brand identity, lead art direction, develop creative concepts, and enhance the visual experience. My work can be found through the streams provided by ESSENCE, Teen Vogue, Nike, CNN Africa,  Lomography, CBC News, Universal Music, and i-D Magazine. The passion I express through each opportunity continues to evolve as I establish new relationships and put my best foot forward. 

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