Josef Adamu


A brief introduction to Josef Adamu and the creative purpose of the website. 





Greetings! My name is Josef Adamu and I am the creative director/producer for Sunday School, as well as my own personal brand, Josef Adamu.

This website is a creative timeline of the collaborative projects that I have curated. My work explores the relationships

between contrasting colours, intriguing layouts, various forms of fashion and modern design. The inspiration for each project derives from anything and everything I am

surrounded by on a daily basis: architecture, culture, fashion, and social media. Quick sketches and jotting of notes is what I utilize to organize new ideas for each assignment.

It is fascinating to see what starts off as a vision shortly become a creative project filled with meaning, interpretation, and character. Each image depicts an emotion, an experience, and as a

collection, a story is told. My purpose here is to create vivid memories and to inspire others as they inspire me.

  "To express the spiritual in tangible form." - Lucy Lamp