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The Beauty of Breaks (2019)

Photo by Yasir Nomani

Photo by Yasir Nomani

As I dive more into my career as a creative freelancer, I am learning that various aspects help your overall performance. One of those aspects being the importance of taking breaks. Disconnecting, letting go, and just removing yourself from the idea of “work.” It sounds a lot easier than it is, especially when you’re so passionate about progressing and growing throughout your career. This is a challenge I’ve faced for a few years. I am constantly learning, emailing, networking, creating, and building on my ideas. It sounds amazing right? Well, no, not when you’re work-life balance is completely lob sided. I literally find myself working on one thing or another every day of the week. After personal reflection and speaking to some friends on how they view life, work, and maintaining happiness, I noticed that I have not really been “enjoying” life after all. This was a problem.

Few weeks had passed, and I was overthinking the conversations I had with friends. Was I well-rested? Am I slowing myself down from overworking? Am I trying to do several things at once? So, I slowly began to implement routine breaks from social media, everyday workflows, emails, and research. This time was replaced with personal relaxation, family bonding, local trips, and other activities that took my mind off creating. It was certainly something to get used to, but it really helped me as a person. I notice that I learn a lot more about myself when I discharge. I envision breaks as the moments in our lives where we step away from the frame to appreciate the big picture. That is exactly what I do each time. Life has many elements, and it is important to enjoy them equally. (I’m getting old!) The best part about disconnecting, is that it allows you to return to work with a healthier mindset due to being well-rested. Now that I have been practicing this for weeks, it has become a routine that polishes my work performance, and I wouldn’t want it any other way. The Beauty of Breaks, try it out if you haven’t already!

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— Josef Adamu

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