Josef Adamu


Montréal: (2017)

A dope experience to say the least.

I’ve been to Montréal twice before this recent experience. It is always a great time when catching up with old friends, visiting cool boutiques and eating at fine restaurants. Though, this trip was much more creatively driven. Thankfully, the weather was superb all week, and I was able to check out as many things as I planned to. I had met up with both Neil Watson of A&H Magazine as well as Naskademini. They welcomed both my friend, Greg Ntore, and I with open arms as we shot creative work and enjoyed good conversation. In addition to that, we were fortunate enough to check out the MURAL + New Regime bloc party on Saint Laurent. It was refreshing to experience an outdoor rave with an energy-filled urban crowd.

All in all, the entire trip was smooth.

Most importantly, I linked with some great folks, and learned to formulate French sentences more efficiently.

I may move to Montréal.

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