Josef Adamu


Not Yet There, But Happy. (2017)

These last few months have involved a lot of activity. Sunday School is rapidly forming into something great, and my trip to New York City had opened my eyes. If I were to name a book occupied with my experiences from July until present, I’d name it “growth.” Through every encounter, I’ve learned something valuable whether it worked in my favour or not. The most vivid lesson being that there are a lot of opportunities in this world, take them as they come! Leaving NYC with this mindset really enhanced my perspective on

life and I feel much more determined than I ever had. This constant reminder of “don’t worry, it’s coming,” does laps in my mind as I move on to the next task. Sunday School has allowed me to display not only my vision, but my confidence in visual form. Every project has shaped up into a series that is aesthetically pleasing and/or extremely relatable. However, there is always more work to do! I am not yet there, but I’m happy!

Quote of the week: “make sure it’s different.”

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