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On The Right Track

When I started Sunday School in April, I intended on providing an outlet for individuals to collaborate while creating memorable works of art. It picked up right away as I gathered a team of like-minded folks and hit the streets to bring our ideas to life. Through collaborative efforts we’ve been fortunate enough to release eleven projects to date!

As great as it sounded, I would often overthink because I felt like there was a specific way to succeed and take things to another level. Based on success stories I’ve browsed, I’ve looked to others’ experiences as a benchmark to what will help us achieve goals. Thus, I’ve often refrained from certain opportunities because it didn’t “feel like” it’ll benefit me (based on research).

However, what I’ve gradually began to notice is the importance of building your own rapport because there’s no “right way,” to succeed. Paving your own lane is extremely important because only you can tell your story effectively. Plus, working with a group of creatives that are inspired by one another makes the end result that much stronger. I’ve stopped focusing on what others would do and narrowed it down to our unique minds at Sunday School. A portion of our storylines are based on real life experiences that we’ve never been able to convey to others. We’re doing that now.

It impresses me to know that we’ve used Sunday School as a platform to translate valued experiences into creative projects. I feel a lot better about my work because I’ve subtracted “comparison” from the equation. The growth has been somewhat substantial, and I’m extremely fortunate to have all of you support us as we continue on with our journey.

In my opinion, the most important aspect of creativity is making a change. I believe Sunday School has the qualities to do that and so much more.

We wouldn’t be here without you.

Thank you for reading,

Josef Adamu

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